City Cotton – The Powers that Be @ Sensing Nairobi – BIEA Nairobi 2017 – Image 117/150

Image from the installation ‘City Cotton – The Powers that Be’ at the first Sensing Nairobi pilot expo at the British East Africa Institute in Nairobi. The expo at the BIEA was the pilot for the bigger Sensing Nairobi expo at the National Museum of Kenya.

The images on display were used as evidence in the court case oft he City Cotton community vs The Government of Kenya & former Kenyan president Moi. After 3 years of proceeding, the City Cotton community won the case, due to the evidence and the dedicated community committee being determined to achieve justice. The ruling was regarded as a landmark ruling.

The installation consisted of 150 images hanging from the ceiling, consisting of 2 x 75 prints of the evidence photos, each plastified & cut in a unique way, stamped and numbered 1 to 150. The photos were hung with thin, vulnerable lines from the ceiling, so after some time most of them would fall down and the visitors would walk over them.

Most plastified photos have therefore marks, scratches & dirt on them, which are integral part of the artworks.

Retributions for this work: Intimidation, Stinging & Arrest.


Length: 30 cm,

Width: 22 cm,

Depth: 2 mm,

Weight: 30 gr


Photo paper, ink, plastic, dirt.