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The Manifesto of Censored Arts

The huge majority of arts & culture are for entertainment and commercial purposes. ‘Have fun, make & spend money’ has satisfied most of humanity since existence. Throughout history, empires kept the masses happy with ‘bread & games’. And in our days it’s not different at all.

Next to the culture for the masses, there are also the Fine Arts for the elite. Most often with a bit more complex fabric than the popular arts for the masses and with a higher price tag too. Due to the higher price tag, the Fine Arts are also an exquisite investment market. Many art is bought in the hope to sell it again for a higher price.

In the fashion of the political correctness of our days, artworks should to ‘ be social conscious’ and ‘give a social commentary’. Give a bit of critic on a system, while staying within the same system. All with the purpose to reach the highest possible price for an artwork. As much as arts & culture are often portrayed as a catalyst of change, this is hardly the case in reality. Most art is rather ‘System Art’, art that cements existing situations.

In our contemporary world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, most of the arts serve as cream on the cake of social and economic injustice. In a world dominated by doctrine of growth-of-growth and where more-more-more equals to better-better-better, societies at large and individuals become more and more conformist.

History though, teaches us that people who dare to ask questions that are not allowed are a crucial factor for human development.

The Manifesto of Censored Arts:
Censored Arts deals with Art that not just matters.
Censored Arts deals with Art that really matters.